What is True Caller? How does True Caller work?

How does TrueCaller work?

What is True Caller and How does True Caller work? If you use a smartphone, you must have heard of True Caller. Although in English it is written as True caller, but here I have broken the word a little and written it as True Caller for ease of pronunciation/reading. Be that as it may, the reader must understand. Now let’s get to the point. The advantage of using True Caller is that if this app is installed, the name of the sender of the call and SMS can be seen on the screen in many cases when a call or SMS is received on the mobile phone.

That is, if you don’t have someone’s number saved in your phone, even if you have True Caller installed, the app can tell you the username of an unknown number in many cases. The True Caller app with billions of users might seem like a bit of magic to you. However, you also need to be careful when using True Caller.

What is True Caller?

Truecaller is a popular caller identification and call-blocking service for smartphones and other mobile devices. It was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a Swedish company founded in 2009. Truecaller helps users identify incoming calls and provides information about the caller, even if the number is not saved in their phone contacts.

The app works by using a vast database of phone numbers and contact information contributed by its users. When a call comes in, Truecaller compares the incoming number with its database and displays the caller’s information on the screen, such as their name, profile picture, and even location if available. This can be particularly useful in identifying and avoiding spam calls or telemarketers.

Truecaller also provides additional features such as call-blocking, spam detection, and a community-based spam list that allows users to report unwanted calls. It has gained popularity globally, especially in regions where spam calls and scams are prevalent.

It’s worth noting that while True caller can be a helpful tool for call identification and spam detection, its functionality relies on user-contributed data. This means that the accuracy and availability of caller information may vary depending on the number of users in a particular region or country.

How does True caller work?

Very timely question. True color is not magic. It is actually a community based service. But many people give information to true caller without knowing anything. However, otherwise True Caller would not have reached the stage it is today.

After installing True Caller on your mobile and signing in, True Caller first uploads all the contacts in your phonebook (including names and phone numbers) to their servers. As a result, True Caller knows the phone numbers of your friends, family and people around you who were saved in your phone. Those numbers and names are stored on the server by True Caller.

In this way, True Caller knows the username of different phone numbers, which is later useful to show caller ID in case of numbers not saved in other users’ phones.

Suppose, the number of your friend ‘A’ is saved in your phone as ‘A’. A’s number is not saved in my phone. When you install True Caller, the number and name of ‘A’ will be automatically transferred from your phone to the True Caller server. How does True Caller work?

Then if I install True Caller app on my phone too, and if your friend ‘A’ calls me, then True Caller will tell me that this number is ‘A’. Although the number of ‘A’ is not saved in my phone. However true caller took the number of ‘A’ from you and informed me that this number belongs to ‘A’. How does True Caller work? “How does True Caller work?”

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So, installing True Caller will move all contacts on your phone to True Caller’s servers. If you think it will compromise your privacy, think twice before using True Caller. How does True Caller work?

If you search someone’s number, that person will know it

This is a feature of True Caller. If you search for a True Caller account holder’s phone number, True Caller will remember it. There is an option in the True Caller app that opens to see who has checked the account information. And since you can’t access True Caller’s directory without a True Caller account, the people you search for will also get your information if they have a True Caller account.

True caller uses internet data

Needless to say, the True Caller app is dependent on the internet to communicate with the server. However, once a number is displayed on your phone with its username, True Caller can display the username from previously saved data without internet when you receive a call from that number. It updates the database at regular intervals if there is a net connection.

You can delete your information from True Caller

If you want, you can remove your phone number and name from the True Caller server. However, it may later take over your phone number from other people’s phones at some point. But for that you need to check and use True Collar regularly. “How does True Caller work?”

To remove your number from True Caller visit. Enter your phone number and submit the captcha and your number will be deleted from True Caller within 24 hours. If you are a True Caller account holder, you must deactivate the True Caller account before un listing.

How does True Caller work?

What are the advantages of True caller?

Truecaller offers several advantages to its users:

Caller Identification: True caller helps identify incoming calls by displaying the name and information of the caller, even if the number is not saved in your phone contacts. This feature is particularly useful when you receive calls from unknown numbers, enabling you to decide whether to answer or ignore the call.

Spam Call Blocking: True caller has a built-in spam detection feature that identifies and blocks spam calls automatically. It analyzes the database of reported spam numbers and uses community-based spam lists to protect users from unwanted calls, scams, and telemarketers. This helps in reducing interruptions and improving the overall call experience.

Personalized Call Blocking: In addition to spam call blocking, True caller allows users to create their own personalized block list. You can block specific numbers, contacts, or even entire number series to prevent calls from unwanted individuals or organizations.

Call Recording (in select regions): True caller offers call recording functionality in certain regions where it is legally allowed. This feature can be useful for capturing important conversations, interviews, or for personal reference.

Integrated Messaging: True caller provides an integrated messaging platform that allows users to send text messages, emojis, and even share their location. This can be convenient for communicating with contacts directly from the app.

Number Lookup: True caller includes a number lookup feature that enables users to search for any phone number to find information about the owner. This can be helpful when you want to know more about a missed call or validate the authenticity of a number.

It’s important to note that while True caller offers these advantages, it is a third-party application that requires access to your phone contacts and call logs. Users should consider their privacy preferences and review the app’s terms and conditions before deciding to use it.

What are the disadvantage of True caller?

While Truecaller offers several benefits, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:

Privacy Concerns: True caller collects a significant amount of user data, including phone contacts, call logs, and even location information. While the app has privacy settings and data protection measures in place, some users may have concerns about sharing their personal information with a third-party service.

Data Usage and Battery Drain: True caller needs to constantly run in the background to provide caller identification and spam blocking services. This can consume data and drain the device’s battery faster than usual. Users with limited data plans or older devices may experience increased data usage and reduced battery life. “How does True Caller work?”

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Inaccurate Caller Information: True caller relies on user-contributed data to provide caller information. While the app strives to maintain a comprehensive and accurate database, there may be instances where the information displayed is incorrect or outdated. This can lead to misidentifications or incomplete information about callers.

Dependency on Internet Connection: True caller requires an internet connection to function properly. If you are in an area with poor or no internet connectivity, the app’s features may not work as expected. This can affect the real-time caller identification and spam blocking capabilities.

Limited Availability and Compatibility: True caller is primarily designed for smartphones and mobile devices, and its availability may vary across different operating systems and regions. Some features, such as call recording, may only be available in specific countries due to legal restrictions.

Unwanted Notifications: True caller may send notifications for various reasons, such as new spam call detections or app updates. Some users may find these notifications intrusive or distracting, especially if they receive frequent spam calls. “How does True Caller work?”

It’s important to weigh these potential disadvantages against the benefits and consider your personal preferences and priorities before deciding to use True caller or any other similar service.

Conclusion of True Caller

In conclusion, Truecaller is a popular caller identification and call-blocking service that offers several advantages, such as caller identification, spam call blocking, personalized call blocking, integrated messaging, and number lookup. It can be a useful tool for identifying incoming calls, avoiding spam calls, and improving the overall call experience.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential disadvantages associated with Truecaller. These include privacy concerns due to data collection, increased data usage and battery drain, potential inaccuracies in caller information, dependency on internet connection, limited availability and compatibility, and the possibility of receiving unwanted notifications.

Ultimately, whether or not to use True caller depends on your personal preferences, priorities, and concerns regarding privacy and data sharing. It’s recommended to carefully review the app’s features, terms and conditions, and privacy policies before making a decision. Additionally, exploring alternative caller identification and call-blocking solutions may also be worth considering to find the best fit for your needs.

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