Top 5 free antivirus for windows

Top 5 free antivirus for windows

Top 5 free antivirus for windows -Computer virus has become a fear in modern times. In this age of technology, the whole world is not moving without computers. So computer virus has brought more fear. Computer viruses can do anything from deleting important files to stealing your personal information.

In this post we will tell you all the information related to computer antivirus such as: what is antivirus, how does antivirus work, list of best antivirus, how antivirus can help you, how to use antivirus, what are the benefits of using antivirus, all these I will tell you about

Ransomware and various other viruses have become a headache for many big technology companies. Viruses are getting smarter by the day, so you need to get smarter to keep your data safe. Especially if you are using the internet. And that’s why antivirus software can help you. Top 5 free antivirus for windows

But most of the popular software are paid. As a result, even if many people want to spend so much money, they cannot buy antivirus. Today in this post we will introduce 5 free antivirus software which are free but work well enough to protect your PC. Although these free antiviruses lack some features compared to paid antiviruses, they can easily detect common viruses and warn you and keep your system safe by deleting unsafe files.

Users of the Windows operating system are accustomed to antivirus and antimalware tools. If your computer is running Windows 10 or Windows 11, it includes Microsoft’s own free antivirus or antimalware program, Windows Defender.

The majority of viruses and malicious software may be kept off your computer by regularly upgrading Windows Defender. For additional security, you can also use another antivirus program from a third party. Before that, let’s know what features are important in antivirus. Top 5 free antivirus for windows

Antivirus Important Features:

Finding the best antivirus software for Windows should ensure that it keeps the PC safe, uses moderate system resources, is easy to use, and doesn’t cause irritation unless necessary.
We will learn about some of the top antivirus programs for Windows in this article. The features that a perfect antivirus program should have are first outlined below.

Functionality: Antivirus detects known viruses and malware (i.e. harmful programs), and can provide round-the-clock protection. Even better, it safeguards your PC by identifying dangerous websites and dubious links.

Antivirus software can monitor unusual behavior and protect against harmful malware. Antivirus also looks for new and as yet undetected viruses and malware. Therefore, choose an antivirus software that offers those benefits without making false promises of protection.

Moderate use of system resources: You definitely want an antivirus that doesn’t drain your PC’s resources. If websites take longer to open, file copying takes longer than expected after installing antivirus, you should look for alternative programs. Top 5 free antivirus for windows


It is utterly false to believe that antivirus software can provide adequate protection only if you pay for it and that free software is useless. All of the antivirus programs on our list are completely free to use.
Use any of the antivirus programs on the list if you’re using this guide to install antivirus on your personal computer. Top 5 free antivirus for windows


An efficient antivirus program’s role is to keep track of all currently active processes on the computer. However, it is crucial to verify whether the software is sending useful data to other businesses while hiding it from the computer’s security system. Reading evaluations of antivirus software is crucial for this reason. Top 5 free antivirus for windows

Let’s find out about the 5 best free antivirus software of today, from which you can choose any one.

Microsoft Defender

If you’re a Windows user, you’ll get Microsoft Defender by default for free on Windows 10 and 11. It is Microsoft’s own built-in antivirus and is free to use on Windows. Microsoft Defender is a very simple and easy antivirus program that automatically keeps your PC updated.

Top 5 free antivirus for windows

It has firewall facility, it is also able to check various security issues of the device and notify you. Also you can manually check any file or folder if you want.
If you don’t download any files from unsafe places or do anything unsafe by yourself then Windows Defender can keep you well protected. Also it is very well optimized with Windows so it doesn’t have any impact on the system.

If you have any other third-party antivirus installed, Microsoft Defender alone will be disabled. So you need to remove other antivirus software to use it.

Bit Defender Free Antivirus

BitDefender has long been a trusted name in antivirus software. Although it has a paid version, the free version can offer basic protection using the same technology.

It can check your files in real time and keep the system safe by automatically deleting any unsafe files. Although some features are less than the paid version in the free version, it can easily detect viruses just like the premium software.

It is a very easy and simple software that you can be worry free after installing. It won’t lag your PC as it doesn’t use too many resources. Moreover, its free version has live customer support which is not available in any other free antivirus. You will get help quickly from their support in any problem. You can download the software from here to install.

Avira Free Security Antivirus

The name Avira is well-known in the antivirus industry. They have been making antivirus software for almost 35 years and hence their virus detection database is also very rich.

Top 5 free antivirus for windows

This antivirus is also very light, does not affect the system much. Besides, it has some different features besides real time protection which include driver updater, system cleanup, duplicate finder etc.

They have their own VPN to provide privacy in internet browsing. Its firewall system is also very strong so you can easily worry about hackers taking control of your system. As a free antivirus, it is a powerful and feature rich antivirus. Download this antivirus from this link. Top 5 free antivirus for windows

AVG Antivirus Free

AVGIO is a very popular and old name in the world of antivirus. They have been developing security software for over 30 years. Their free antivirus is also quite popular. 6 layer security system is provided in their free antivirus.

Top 5 free antivirus for windows

In addition to malware protection, it can notify you about unsafe emails and block them. It is also capable of providing real time protection, phishing protection. It is also very effective in protecting your privacy by providing webcam protection. Its firewall is able to prevent hacker attacks. You can download this free antivirus from here.

Avast One Essential

Avast is probably the most popular name for free antivirus. They have been making free antivirus software for a long time and are very strong in virus detection. However, the reason they are placed at the end of this list is because they are accused of collecting user data.

Top 5 free antivirus for windows

Like other antiviruses, it can protect against malware in real time. They have free VPN for secure browsing in this free software. It can also provide email protection, protection against hackers. It also has several features to speed up the system. You can download it from here.

Your computer can be protected from numerous viruses, malware, and ransomware with the proper usage of antivirus or antimalware software. Before installing any software on the computer, be sure to check its source and manufacturer.

Avoid installing cracked software. Most cracked software contains viruses and malware in its installation package.

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