Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

Things to check before buying a second hand iPhone – iPhone is a well-known name in the smartphone world. This smartphone made by Apple has been ruling the smartphone market for a long time. Like the rest of the world, the number of iPhone users in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

Every year new iPhone comes in the market with new innovations. iPhone has a special value among technology lovers. There are many reasons for this massive popularity of the iPhone. Innovation, performance, camera, resale value all together iPhone has reached another height. So despite iPhone’s price being higher than other smartphones, its popularity has not decreased a bit.

The resale value of iPhone or old iPhone is also much higher than other smartphones. There is a large market for used iPhones. Not many people can afford a new iPhone at such a high price. They look for used iPhones to taste iPhones. Hence the huge demand for used iPhones makes the price higher than other used smartphones.

Another big reason for iPhone prices not falling is that Apple keeps their performance right by updating old iPhones for a long time. As a result, even a few-year-old iPhone doesn’t feel slow. And so many people are interested in buying a used iPhone.

However, there are several things to be careful about when buying a used iPhone. If you don’t understand the various aspects of used phones, there is a chance of buying a damaged or defective phone. So you can read our entire post to avoid these problems.

Activation Lock

Before buying any used iPhone it is important to know whether the previous ownership of the iPhone has been completely erased from the settings. iCloud lock or activation lock of iPhone must be removed completely and then buy iPhone. So first turn on the iPhone from the off state and check if there is any kind of lock. If you can see the lock and it won’t open for you the seller then the iPhone is most likely a stolen iPhone. Even if the iPhone is not stolen, if it is locked, you will not be able to use the iPhone in any way.

Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

Activation lock is therefore first unlocked through the vendor. To remove the iPhone activation lock go to the ‘Settings’ page and remove the activation lock from [Owner’s Name] > Find My iPhone.

Check and then erase iPhone

The seller can give you the phone by first erasing his iPhone and giving him a factory reset. This is a good thing, but this way there is no opportunity to test the iPhone first. Because in this condition you will come to the setup screen only when you turn on the iPhone. As a result, everything inside the iPhone cannot be checked unless the entire setup is done.

So the best way is to first ask the seller to test the iPhone without erasing it. You enter the phone with the seller’s information and check that everything is working properly. Then ask the seller to erase the iPhone when satisfied.

Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

To erase, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone to Erase All Content and Settings option. However, during this time, the activation lock must be closed by logging in from the seller’s Apple ID. Then log out from the seller’s Apple ID. Then it will be better to erase.

Testing the entire phone from the outside

It is normal for a used iPhone to have various scratches. These stains can be from the screen to the entire smartphone. However, iPhones that have been used with care with glass protectors and cases will have fewer stains and will cost a bit more. However, these spots are not a cause for concern.

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However, check the iPhone carefully to see if there is any part of the phone body that can be bent downwards due to an impact. Such damage can cause problems in various parts inside the phone. Even the battery can be damaged. Place the iPhone on a smooth table to see if the iPhone is bent or bulging. Besides, you can also check whether the camera lens is fine.

Battery health

iPhone battery health is one of the most important considerations when buying a used iPhone. The lithium ion batteries used in iPhones degrade over time and may lose their ability to hold a charge. How much of this battery is good is expressed by the iPhone percentage. A brand new iPhone battery health is completely 100%.

Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

You can see the battery health of any iPhone by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Generally, if the battery health is more than 80 percent, it can be assumed that the iPhone can provide good backup. If you buy an iPhone with a battery health below this, you won’t get a very good charge backup and performance may also suffer. Also, check if the iPhone shows “Peak Performance Capability” in the battery health section. Because if it shows anything else, it can be understood that there will be a performance problem due to the battery in that iPhone. If this is the case, it is necessary to change the battery of the iPhone.

Whether it’s a parts replacement or a refurbished iPhone

A refurbished iPhone refers to an iPhone that is being repaired and resold due to a problem. Sometimes Apple itself provides such iPhones. You can check this by going to Settings > General > About section and finding “Model Number”. Here, if the model number starts with F, it is a refurbished iPhone by Apple. This is not a bad thing, but good to know. However, there is no easy way to tell if a third party is selling an old iPhone for repair.

Things to check before buying a second hand iphone

However, it is easy to understand if any parts of the iPhone have been changed. For this you need to go to Settings > General > About section and look under the model number. If anything has been fixed or replaced there will be a list under the ‘Parts and Service History’ section. If it has been replaced and replaced by Apple itself, it will show as a genuine part, and if it is a third party part, you will see Unknown. However, this method may not work for all parts.

If you don’t see this list, either the iPhone parts have not been replaced or the iPhone is running on a version below iOS 15.2. So check this important thing before buying a used iPhone. A fixed iPhone will definitely cost less.


It is very important to check the display of the used iPhone. If it’s an iPhone with an LCD screen (iPhone XR, SE, 11 ,12,13,14), check for small blackspots on the LCD panel. And in the case of iPhones with OLED panels, check whether there is any burn-in on the display. Normally there is no way to understand the burn in on the display. For this you need to bring something of one color and then test it in the dark. Burn in refers to leaving a shadow of the previous content on the display. So buy the device only after checking these things well.

If you want to buy a used iPhone, you should also be aware of your own safety. It is also important to meet the seller in crowded places and ask for the receipt to confirm ownership of the phone. After seeing everything like this, only then should you buy a used iPhone.

Check the phone’s hard disk drive

Before buying an iPhone, check the phone’s hard disk. The majority of people give this issue little thought. Let’s say that when buying a secondhand phone, you must check it among other things. Because in many cases you will be told one way and you will see another later.

So take care of the hard disk drive. It must match what the seller says. If not, there is no need to pick up the phone. Note that in many phones, the phone memory will show 64 GB. Duvarg only 34 GB of file storage space is over!

Check the iTunes log

iTunes log is a special feature of iPhone. The fact that you’re looking for a secondhand iPhone means you’ve used the phone before. So you should have an Apple ID. If there is, then definitely take the seller’s phone and log in the Apple ID on it. Also download one or two apps if necessary.

There is an app called Battery Doctor to get battery information. Which will bring you the information of the phone’s battery. You can know how much charging time will take, how long the charge will be supported through this small app.

Check the microphone

Before buying your favorite secondhand iPhone, call someone and try it out. Is his microphone working properly? How to check the sound quality. Don’t skip it. May be in pasta later. So be careful. A very important part of a mobile device is the microphone.

Microphone is the best option for listening properly, listening and watching various audio or video songs. Check audio, video, earphones. Is it working properly? Check it out. Remember don’t buy a phone for a day. So you can buy a second hand iPhone only after checking many things.

Check the recording option

Check the iPhone’s built-in recording option Voice Memo. See if your sweet voice is encapsulating nicely in it. If there is any noise, it is better not to usd it. Remember that even if you want to get an iPhone checked, you have to pay a minimum of 20 usd.

Verify age with IMEI number

IMEI-International Mobile Equipment Identity is a phone’s unique identification number. With this you can check the age of the phone. Be sure to check. Otherwise you may face many problems. This is a very important factor. Keep this in mind.

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Is the phone stolen?

You need to check if the phone is stolen or not? If this is the case, then there is no need to buy such a phone even for a small amount of money. Because, when a phone is stolen, there can be many factors involved. So it is better for you not to buy such a phone to avoid trouble later. Care should be taken. Before buying a new smart phone or iPhone, there are some things you must keep in mind.

Check RAM, ROM

RAM is the temporary memory of a device. When deciding to buy a smart phone the more you can get the better. After turning on the electronic device, some apps temporarily save a lot of information for a long time. This task is done by a RAM. So the more the amount of RAM, the more data can be stored. On the other hand,
ROM is the permanent memory of a device. Here you can save the data permanently according to the storage limit. Later you can use that data anytime as needed. What amount of RAM and ROM should we check before buying a smart phone? According to your budget, purchase the phone by justifying RAM, ROM by model.

There are also some additional things you need to take care of.

Check if operating system is latest or not
Check if the power button is working properly
Check if WiFi and Bluetooth response sound is OK
Check all the buttons on the phone. Is everything working?
The iPhone has a funny feature where touching outside the screen causes the display to freeze. If it’s not then don’t buy the phone.

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